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Detroit has many fine wine stores, wine bars, wineries, and even vineyards. These are wonderful for wine connoisseurs to explore, and even more fun for absolute beginners because there is so much to learn about the art of winemaking and wine drinking!

We highly recommend renting a party bus to take you on a day trip to the best wineries and wine shops in the Detroit area, and to continue the good times into the night at wine bars and perhaps even some of the more upscale nightclubs in the downtown area.

Enjoy browsing the shops, bars, and wineries right here on Detroit Wine Tasting! If you're out on the west coast and love wine like we do, be sure to hit Napa Valley wine country for a Napa Wine Tour by our favorite west coast affiliate.

Before you do wine tasting be sure to get a designated driver in place. Remember it's much cheaper than getting a DUI! For tree service be sure to call Detroit Tree Cutting for a job done right.

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Indulge in the sight of the color and clarity of the wine. Hold it up to the light and determine if it's a shade of ruby or garnet if it's red wine. If it's white wine, is it clear or golden? Then swirl the glass for about ten seconds, and keeping your nose above the glass, take a quick whiff of the aroma. Now put your nose into the glass and inhale much deeper. Can you single out any aromas like vanilla or oak?


Take a small sip and roll it around on your tongue. A slight slurp, like a backwards whistle, will help air to mix with the wine on your tongue and bring out more of the flavor. How does it taste? Sweet or dry? Would it go well with cheese or bread? It's not necessary to rinse your mouth between wines, just refresh your palate with some crackers or bread.


There's no reason to be intimidated by your first wine tasting event, but we've got a couple of tips that'll make you look like a pro. First, wear dark clothing in case of any red wine spills, and of course dress appropriately for the venue. Tasting room etiquette says that you should not wear fragrance or cologne so as not to interfere with the aromatics. And of course eat something before you go unless you're after a good strong buzz! Spitting helps too if you want to be able to try as many wines as possible.

If you're interested in other areas we recommend San Antonio Wine Bars in Texas.

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Michigan Offers a Wine Tasting Experience Like No Other!

If you're a Michigander, you know that our state has a unique style and flavor all its own, and that is true when it comes to our wineries and vineyards as well. You may be familiar with some of our state's most popular wineries, including St. Julian, Bowers Harbor Vineyards, Suttons Bay Ciders, Chateau Chantal Winery & Tasting Room, Black Star Farms, and Fenn Valley Vineyards, just to name a few. With such an impressive array for our Michigan wine connoisseurs to enjoy, it's no wonder that Detroit wine tasting is such a popular way of celebrating birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and anniversaries.

What makes our Michigan wineries so unique is their rich and varied history. For instance, Bowers Harbor Vineyards in Traverse City was previously a horse-breeding farm from the 1960s to the early '80s. Then you've got choices like Left Foot Charley in the same town, located in a former hospital laundry room, right downtown in an urban setting instead of on a wine trail like you would expect. This is the kind of storied ambiance that you won't find just anywhere. Many are family owned and run, and so many offer picturesque views that really complement the wine tasting experience so well. Lots of locals love to head out in a limousine or party bus to visit several of these beautiful vineyards in one day, or just to visit one and then to head out to upscale nightclubs in the evening afterward. Please enjoy browsing Detroit Wine Tasting as you plan your upcoming wine drinking experience, and allow us to be your guide in choosing the finest wineries, wine stores, wine bars, wineries, and vineyards in the state!