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It can take a lifetime to master the realm of wine as it's so complex. Produced in over 75 countries with well over 2000 varieties of different wine grapes helping to creating dozens of different styles of wine with unique flavors, aromas, and colors. A fine glass is a way to travel the world without leaving your house let alone traveling the world.

What is the average alcohol content of wine?
On average, a bottle of wine has 11.6% alcohol, but this is quite low compared to modern offerings that can have up to 20%. While others from some regions can be as low as 7% alcohol by volume.

Vinoteka It's a beverage that has been around for thousands of years, with the earliest evidence coming from the country of Georgia around 6000 BCE. Spreading around the region over the next few thousand years. However, there is evidence of a fermented drink made with rice and grape in 7000 BCE. in ancient China.

The earliest know winery dating to 4100 BCE. in Armenia, the spread of wine was most likely from the Phoenicians who spread it from their city-states to all along the Mediterranean coast. Later on through medieval Europe, the Roman Catholic Church started using as sacrament for Mass. Monks would make it and age it in caves, an old English recipe survived in various forms until the 1800's, when the people demanded a more refined version and the old recipe became called "bastardo vino". Descendants created a much more palatable sacramental wine giving rise to modern viticulture in France, Italy, and Spain, which were then brought to the new world via New Mexico and California. These grapes kicked off the California winery industry making them the largest new world producers to this day. While France and Britain tried to establish grapevines in Florida and Virginia in the early days which failed due to the climate.

Regardless of the many varieties and even sub categories, winemaking is one of the worlds oldest traditions all over the world. It wasn't until the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 that American winemakers would become looked upon favorably, but no matter what varieties you prefer you can find great selections from all over the world, from the cheapest to the highest end wines you are able to spend years if not decades trying various options until you find your absolute favorites. Our friends from Vinoteka offer bottles of all varieties from all over the world, from Italy, Argentina, Germany, Chile, South Africa, Moldova, France, and even New Zealand. You can selection but grape variety, sugar content, alcohol percentage, even food pairings, and of course price. They do a great job of helping you find the best options for all off your needs.

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